Why we love Argentina

Why we love Argentina

During my trip last year to South America, I had pencilled in 2 weeks to explore Argentina and I had plans to go from the Chilean border, down to Ushuaia and back to Buenos Aires before heading into Uruguay. AS it happened, I fell in love with Argentina and ended up staying there for almost 3 months! There was so much to love about this incredible country and I have already planned a trip to go back there at the beginning of next year. So what is it that makes this country so great? I have jotted down just a handful of reasons why I love Argentina and why I think that you will too.

The Cities

Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza and Salta, just a few of the incredible Argentinian cities which completely blew me away during my time there. In general I would say that all of these cities have a European feel about them but they are widely varied from one another and each one offers its own charm and its own identity. If you are looking to explore Argentina then the great news is that you will not find one city which is the same as the last.

The Wine

As a big wine lover, I was in heaven during my time in Argentina and I went on more than one tour throughout the expansive vineyards which the country has to offer. Mendoza was a particular favorite of mine and sipping Malbec fresh from the vineyard was an experience which I will not forget in a hurry.

The Varying Landscapes

I love the huge difference which you find in the natural landscapes as you travel throughout Argentina. Starting with the Chilean border and the rugged Andes mountain range which dominates this region and then heading to the south where you’ll find glaciers and snow-tipped mountains. Sweeping through Mendoza is a land full of greenery and forest and then Buenos Aires which is wide and open with that huge lake separating it from Montevideo.

The People

When I have spoken to other latinos about how they view the Argentinians, I had been told they are pretty cold and not very hospitable but this was not my experience at all. In fact I felt that they did everything that they could to accommodate me and make me feel welcome, and this was throughout the country. My view is that Argentinians are warm and friendly to foreigners and they were just one of the reasons why I loved the country so much.

The Meat

Argentina really is a meat-lovers paradise and if you want to enjoy some of the finest steak in the world, then this is the place to do it. Practically everywhere that you look you will find meat on offer, cooked in a range of different ways, and all absolutely delicious. I always feel that food is important when you go to a country and the meat in Argentina is some of the finest that you are likely to taste.

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