Wake Up and Stay Up With These Tips

Wake Up and Stay Up With These Tips

Do you ever feel like you simply do not want to get out of bed and start your day when you wake up? If the answer to this is yes then fear not as we have some excellent tips on how you can ensure that when you first wake up, you have the energy to peel back the covers and go start your day. Many of these tips are very simple to put into place and the results are that you will start your day with plenty of energy and a desire to go after the new day, let’s take a look at some of the steps which you should be taking.


Drinking water before bed will ensure that you need the bathroom when you wake up which will give you the impetus to get out of bed. Equally, you should be drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up to lubricate your body and kickstart your organs and your brain.

Coffee Maker

One of the first things which I do in my day is to fire up the French press and get a nice pot of coffee on the go. The reason I do this is twofold, firstly because caffeine is a great way to get yourself sharpened up for the morning and secondly because the activity itself ensures that I loosen my brain up. I use a French press coffee maker because it requires that I actually do more than just put granules into a cup and add water, plus it tastes much better!

Alarm Clock Rules

If you need an alarm clock to wake you up then there are two rules which you need to employ here. The first is that you make sure that the alarm tone is not a harsh, dinging sound which will make you angry when you wake up, instead put some of your favorite music on. Secondly it is important that you place the alarm clock out of reach so that you have to get up and switch it off.

Peer Pressure

If you really have trouble getting up then why not make early appointments or meetings with friends or colleagues so that you are forced to honor them. Letting yourself down is one thing but most people aren’t happy with letting someone else down and making appointments like this can help you to ensure that you wake up and get up.


Before bed you should open up your curtains and blinds so that the sunlight can help you to wake up. Our minds react to sunlight and it tells them that it is time to be alert. If you go to sleep in the dark and then wake up in the dark, you will be fooling your brain into thinking that it is time to rest and this will not help you at all in terms of getting up and feeling ready for a new day.

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