Top Reasons Why Cannabis Delivery Is Awesome

Top Reasons Why Cannabis Delivery Is Awesome

An increasing number of states across the USA are legalising cannabis. So far it has been extremely successful and it seems that more states will follow suit in 2018. With the legalisation of cannabis it is now possible for you to order online and have it delivered to your door through the mail.

Of course this is extremely convenient but it also has a variety of other benefits. Here are the top reasons why I think marijuana delivery near me is awesome.

It’s a safe bet

For some strange reason there are still a small number of people that attempt to purchase cannabis on the street – this shouldn’t be the case because it’s now legal! By ordering from the comfort of your own home means there’s no chance of anything going wrong. So don’t go walking around at night, sit on your sofa and order online.

Supports The Post Office

You might notice that the price of stamps seems to increase regularly, but despite this the post office still loses money. I seem to read the the post office is always on the verge of closing down, that would lead to a loss of jobs and also a useful service for the country. If everyone that wanted cannabis ordered online and delivered by USPS then it would boost the company no end.

Getting Any Parcel In The Post Is Always Fun

We all love that feeling when we open the door and the postman has a parcel we have to sign for. These days less and less is sent through the mail – when I last got my cannabis delivery in Los Angeles it was the the first package I had received in months. I had a huge smile on face when I was opening it and checking out the contents. It even had the knock on effect of me buying gifts to be delivered to my family because I knew how much they’d love it.

I cannot recommend ordering canabis online enough, once you try it I guarantee you will never order it any other way again. Have you ordered cannabis through the mail? I would love to hear about your experiences, tips and thoughts. All you have to do is pop your comments in the box below this article, I am really looking forward to reading everything you have to share.

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