Should I get travel insurance for my trip?

Should I get travel insurance for my trip?

Insurance can be a real pain can’t it? Something which makes sense to pay should something take place but then if that event never actually takes place you will have paid for a service which you have never even used. When it comes to traveling, insurance is not obligatory like it is with car insurance and so many people will face the choice as to whether or not they buy it before they go. There is a wide range of packages and prices available to you in terms of travel insurance and if you are not sure whether or not you need it, here are some things that you should be considering.

Previous Medical History 

If you have a medical history of illness or disease then you should seriously consider getting travel insurance in case something happens during your trip. Now, your history will of course drive up the price of your insurance as you will be considered high risk but this may be worth the investment if something bad happens and you linens reoccurs whilst you are away. Hospital fees, doctors costs and even being transported home can run up incredibly high bills and so it wouldn’t be worth risking going away without insurance if you have had problems in the past.

Nature of Vacation 

Some vacations will be more danger-ridden than others and you should factor this into your decision when deciding upon whether or not you should buy insurance. If for example you are heading off to New Zealand to go caving, skydiving, bungee jumping or any other adrenalin-felled adventure, the risk of accident is far higher and you ought to consider insurance. If however you are planning on a business trip to Paris for a few days, it may not be worthwhile.

Financial Situation

Your financial situation does have quite a bearing on whether or not you should get travel insurance and even if money is tight, this is actually a reason why you should get it. For anyone who is flush with cash and has no worries when it comes to finances, they may not need insurance as they would be able to cover most costs involved with medical problems abroad. With this being said, anyone who doesn’t have issues with finances shouldn’t split hairs when it comes to buying travel insurance.

Length of Trip

The length of your trip is an important consideration and if you are just going away for a weekend break or a four day trip, insurance may not be something that is absolutely necessary. If you plan on going away for more than a week this is increasing the probability of something happening and so you ought to think about getting yourself insured.

Travel insurance does not just cover you in case of injury or illness, it can also help you to get money back on cancelled flights or hotel issues and in general, it really does make sense to get this cover.

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