How Many People have Visited every country in the world?

How Many People have Visited every country in the world?

Could you imagine visiting every country in the world? Imagine just who many sites you would see, how many ways of life you would witness and no doubt how many scrapes you would get into along the way. Well this is a feat which not too many people have achieved, but there are some who have.

In this post we are going to take a look at the inspirational and travel hungry people who have made it their mission to visit each and every country in the world. The general consensus is to go off the list that the UN uses to determine what is a country and at the latest count, there are 197 countries and independent territories in the world. A visit does not class as simply touching down, sitting in immigration or spending the night to get your passport stamp. A visit to these countries should be considered as spending time there and experiencing the culture. These are the inspirational people who have touched down in every country on Earth.

Sascha Grabow

Sascha is a former tennis player and a photographer for the company Getty, he has successfully traveled to 207 countries or territories which include the 193 UN members as well as Taiwan, Vatican City, Antartica, Kosovo, Western Sahara  and Abkhazia amongst others. German Grabow touched down in his final country in June 2016.

Johnny Ward

Travel blogger and passionate traveler Johnny Ward made his dream of hitting every country in the world a reality early this year when he landed in Norway, the final country on his list. Ward has not only managed to travel to each of the UN member states, he has also visited countless observer states and territories and has blogged about his exploits on the road through his blog, a passion which has earned him over $1 million.

Cassandra DePecol

Cassandra DePecol has visited every sovereign state in the world and has been given the record by Guinness for being the fastest person to do so. Whilst DePecol may very well have gained a stamp for each of the nations that she has visited, the young American has courted much controversy given the fact that she took so many flights and spent very little time in each country. In comparison to someone like Ward who spent on average 2 weeks in each country that he visited, DePecol is not held in the same regard as other members of this elusive group.

Gunnar Garfors

Norwegian Gunnar Garfors became the youngest person to travel to every country in the world when he landed in his final nation in 2013, at the age of 37. Whilst this record has since been beaten, the Norweigian’s exploits were particularly impressive given that he had been working a full time job for the duration of his travels.

In total there are just 13 people who can say that they have traveled to every country in the world, and these amazing people continue to inspire all of those who love to travel.

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