5 Places not to miss in Central america

5 Places not to miss in Central america

Central America often gets something of a bad reputation because of the concentrated levels of violence which exist in this region. The truth of the matter however is that Central America is filled with natural wonder and beautiful scenery along with rich culture and deep rooted history, all of which is just waiting for you to explore. I have spent a greta deal of time in this region in the last few years and so I have made my top 5 picks for places which you simply cannot afford to miss if you are heading into this section of the Americas.

Pico Bonito, La Ceiba – Honduras

Pio Bonito is a national park in the north of Honduras which surround the sprawling Cangrejal river. Were it not for the reputation of violence which Honduras has, I have no doubt that this region would be a great deal more popular than it currently is. This region is deep into the jungle and it  is filled with eco-tours and eco-friendly hotels and lodges which blend seamlessly into the surrounding area. If you are looking for natural exploration, this is the place to do it.

Antigua – Guatemala

Antigua is a colonial village which is surrounded on all sides by active volcanos. The town is very isolated and has a certain laid-back feel to it. For me this is a great jumping off point to explore all that Guatemala has to offer and ether is plenty of hotels, hostels and fine bed and breakfasts to stay in. Tour companies exist throughout the streets to take you off to the volcanos and the points of interest and if you are heading to Guatemala I would recommend that you stay here.

San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s finest features exist around its coastline and San Juan del Sur is without doubt one of the prettiest and most fun locations to stay in if you are heading to Nicaragua. Here you will find outstanding surf spots, plenty of watersports, naturally beauty and plenty of green land and ranches further inland. If you are looking to explore Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur is the place to do it.

Arenal National Park – Costa Rica

Costa Rica is without doubt the most popular of Central American countries and its eco-tourism and natural landscapes are what brings people to the nation. The best place to go in my view is the Arenal national park, around 2 hours from the capital San Jose. Here you will find the monster Arenal volcano which you can hike up to if you are feeling up to it. The national park features all kinds of incredible feat of nature from waterfalls, indigenous wildlife and vast expanses of thick forest. Those looking for an adventure will be right at home here and you can kayak, hike, cave and trapeze across the tree line in one of the many activities which takes place in the park.

Central America makes for a great place to travel through and these are the spots which you cannot afford to miss out on.

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