5 Epic cycle trips around the world

5 Epic cycle trips around the world

If you are looking to explore the natural wilderness and the beauty of a country then there are two great ways to do so, the first is hiking and the second is cycling. Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to travel to some truly spectacular countries and explore them in what I would consider to be the best way possible, by bike.

I have collected my trips over the years into a top 5 cycle routes across the world so that if you are looking to explore somewhere interesting from your saddle, these are the places that I would recommend.

Death Road, Bolivia

The name really says it all with this trek and whilst the possibility of dying would not necessarily get anyone going, the name really relates to the cars on this road, rather than the bikes. High up in the Bolivian capital of La Paz you will find this winding 40 mile route which sweeps down the mountain edge and features plenty of hair-raising bends and crumbling drops, the danger of the mountain is worth experiencing for the spectacular views of the Bolivian Amazon rainforest below.

Loften Islands, Norway

On Norway’s northwestern coast you will find the beautiful archipelago of Lofoten which offers a far warmer climate than much of the country, despite its proximity to the Arctic Circle. This makes fro the perfect cycle trail in the summer months and it is incredibly popular amongst cyclists. Expect to see rugged landscapes, fishing villages, puffins and if you are lucky, the elusive Northern Lights.

Route Des Grandes Alpes, France

This lengthy route takes you from the French Riviera right the way up to Lake Geneva and as long as you take it on in midsummer, you should be able to complete the journey without encountering too much snow. Throughout this trek you will meander through the Alps mountain range, hitting over 27 mountain passes en route. This one is a tough trek and there are plenty of inclines to test those calves of yours!

Dead Sea to Red Sea, Jordan

This incredible trek crossed the promised land is like no other in the world and I cannot recommend it enough. Starting on Mount Nebo, you will be treated to incredible panoramas across the planes before you descend to the Earth’s lowest point across the shore of the Dead Sea at 418 meters below sea level. The route takes in Jordan’s greatest attractions such as Petra and Al Karak Castle.

Pacific Coast, Canada and USA

This great Canadian and American trek gets underway in Vancouver and finishes up close to the border of Mexico in a 2000 mile, cross country adventure. Highlights of this great route include the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California as well as sweeping through misty mountain passes. This is an exceptional trek for anyone looking to take in the very best of North America.

What are your favorite world cycling treks? Let us know in the comments.

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